Tamany Baker Photography
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seen clipping“Her snaps have a calm reflective quality – her last show in ther city featured portraits of the Icelandic wilderness – and for this exhibition she has sought out some of clubland’s calmer moments via a series of offbeat images”
Venue magazine 10 – 19 September 2004 Picture of the issue -

“I try to go a little deeper below the surface with whatever I photograph. The Seen pictures capture the same stillness of Icelkand, but in an otherwise frenetic clubland environment”

This is Bristol – Bristol evening post September 9th 2004

New Light – joint exhibition with painter Kathryn Thomas

"While each artist's work is a uniquely personal response which reflects the emotions aroused by their surroundings, both expertly capture the intense beauty and tranquility of the incredible space on the top of the world, with a truly remarkable poise and serenity"
Sarah Jane Downing, Big Issue, October 2003

"The two media individually have different impressionistic limitations. In 'New Light' the two artists work is incredibly complimentary. The paintings and photographs support and emphasise each other but each piece stands independently as a powerful evocation. Kathryn is acknowledged for her contemplative and haunting paintings, to be joined in this exhibition by a photographer who's work carries the same sense of spiritual experience is very special"

Michael Cech-Lucas, Hotwell Gallery 2004