Tamany Baker Photography
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Tamany Baker biography

Tamany’s work is eclectic, but carries a unifying sense of mythology – whether it is the personal exploration of feelings and memories, or a shared sense of mystery connected with our place within the larger landscape. She makes large-scale and miniature pieces and has produced several hand made, limited edition artist books, employing her love of narrative. She focuses on subjects, which convey subtle aspects of nature and humanity, including night and dusk photography.

Having travelled and photographed extensively all her adult life, in recent years Tamany has researched her family history in Russia and the Baltic’s, discovering that she follows in a line of photographic and geographic explorers.

Between 1996 and 1998, she ran a photographers’ collective in Bristol called Photographers Above the Rainbow, numbering Martin Parr as one of its members.

2005 - 2007 MA in documentary photography at University of Wales, Newport.
1991 – 95 BA degree in Photographic Studies at University of Wales, Newport.
1985 – 88 BSc degree in Psychology at the University of Bristol.